Candles for the World! (How it all started)

Wow….wouldn’t that be a great opportunity for us at the Adirondack Candle Company.  A very close friend often says that very same thought to us all the time….”Candles for the World”…how cool.

We have grown a lot since we first started making candles back in 1993.  We started our business in 1994….but in reality we were busy trying to “figure out how to even do it” during 1993.  Not too many people know how it all started….maybe we should share it with you.  Pull up a comfortable chair and let me tell you how it all started. Continue reading

The process of creating new scents

Well….it may seem “Magical” that new scents just “appear” and become one of the many we already have….but I can assure you that much work goes into the process.

We’re back in the testing mode in an effort to come up with new scents.  If you aren’t trying new things then you are just going with the flow.  We want to always be adapting, growing, challenging ourselves to become bigger and better than we are.  There are a couple of ways to come up with something new in the candle fragrance arena: 1) Take a couple of scents we already have and mix them together for a new scent. (we’ve done that before)  2) Get some entirely NEW scent samples from our scent companies and test them out.  Continue reading


Friends….all of us have them, some have many and many have few but to each of us a friend is a very important part of our life.  So it is with us at the Adirondack Candle Company, and we’re never more reminded of this then at our Annual Open House which just concluded for yet another 16th year (wow…hard to believe).  It’s always exciting to see new faces come through our door, for each new face is an opportunity to make another new friend…and you can never have enough of those.  Yet what we find so appealing and rewarding each year is sitting in our usual spot, the comfy country couches in our living room, and hearing that door swing open….and then the suspense of “who is it that’s going to walk through that door?”.  Continue reading

exciting times

Hello All,
So, here we are in early November…let’s take a look at what’s happened recently.  Broke my ankle in Mid September and now almost completely healed and working my way back to “normal”.  Still sore, but I will be back running before they said I would in 6 months..that’s my goal.  Be smart, but work hard to get back in shape! Continue reading

‘Daks a great Life!

So….something new.  If you aren’t creating new things and moving your business forward each and every day, then you aren’t evolving your business all the time.

“Mac” the moose is the Adirondack Candle Company’s new mascot, but he’s more than our mascot, he was born to deliver a positive outlook on life with positive messages to our followers.  This is an exciting new part to our business and we’re going to see where it leads us.

For now you can become a fan of Mac at his facebook fan page at the following link:

So, we hope you enjoy this new part of the Adirondack Candle Company and more importantly we hope that in the end you realize that in many ways……’Daks a great Life!
your Adirondack Candle Guy

“Have a Great Adirondack Day”

Hello again!  I wanted to explain our “greeting/salutation” we use, the… “Have a Great Adirondack Day” saying.

As we leave you during our visits, and we wish you this salutation, we are hoping that most importantly you have a great day in general, and secondly that it’s a great “Adirondack” day.  That means a day filled with the simplicity and beauty that IS the Adirondack way of life.  A day that would imagined to be sitting in an Adirondack chair on the edge of a calm lake on a warm summer night as the red sun sets in front of you over the pine covered hills in the distance.  It doesn’t get any better than that…does it?

It could also be a day spent indoors on a cool night, next to a fire in the lodge fireplace, sitting in a comfortable chair with your family/friends nearby…..oh yeah, and an Adirondack Candle Company candle burning on the nearby table giving you a “calmness” to the day.

Does it get any better than that?  We don’t think so.
That’s why we always…as I will right now, say goodby for now and wish that you….
“Have a Great Adirondack Day”
Till we meet again…may you be blessed.
your Adirondack Candle Guy

….with only 26 days left till this years Open House.

So, with only 26 days left till the busiest week of our Candle year, and while still nursing a broken ankle….I made it back into the “Candle Factory” to be of whatever help a temorary cripple can be!  Actually, as long as I stayed in this one spot I was actually pretty productive and was able to contribute once again to the business, which felt really good again.

It’s really tough to be down during this time of year but we’ve managed to figure out some different ways to do things and ultimately still get them done.  It’s still going to be a great Open House this year and we’re so very much looking forward to seeing so many dear friends that converge on our house during this time.  We’re so thankful and so blessed.

If you’re reading this we hope you can make it to the Open House.  Go to and check under “events” to see the details of when and where it is.  We only ask one thing…well 2 things, first we encourage you to bring a friend who also brings a friend, etc…well you get the picture, and second….be ready to have fun!

Thanks so much for following the blog and thanks for supporting the Adirondack Candle Company and our products, we greatly appreciate it!

Have yourself a Great Adirondack Day!
your Adirondack Candle Guy

16th Annual Open House

So…it’s that time of year again, the time of year when there’s a chill in the air, when the leaves start to turn, when the smell of Apple Pie is in the air…and also the time of year when we hold our Annual Adirondack Candle Company Open House.  We LOVE this time of year! Continue reading

Every day is closer to the finish line

Hello Everyone,
I am continuing to move forward towards the day I get the cast off my leg.  Being an avid runner and health nut, it’s tough to “sit” and do mostly nothing for so long.  There are so many things I keep thinking that I want to do, that I NEED to do….and it’s tough to let go of that and ask others for help to do what I normally just do myself.  I have great friends that have offered to help…and I have a fantastic wife and best friend who has just, as always, been my rock that I can rely on.  She’s wonderful….I am sooooo blessed!!! Continue reading

moving forward

Here we are, 4 days after ankle surgery to repair my broken ankle.  Feeling better every day, more so than the last, but boy oh boy….6 weeks of this?  Wow.  I’m so grateful for such a great wife that is helping me through this ordeal which she is sharing with me.  We actually just celebrated our 25th wedding anniversary in August and I’m so blessed to be married to such a great friend, wife and partner in our business.  This is a mere “bump in the road” of life and we’ll get through it quickly and  come out of in better than before. Continue reading