Here’s some of the most “Frequently Asked Questions”, and our answers:

Q: Didn’t you start as a “Home Based” business?  Are you still?
A: Yes, we did start right in our kitchen back in 1994 and then moved it to our basement where it stayed for 19 years.  Finally in March of 2013, after truly outgrowing our house (and being tired of living in a “Candle Factory”) we made the plunge and went “Brick and Mortar” to our new location at 12 Main St. Ballston Lake, NY 12019.  ALL our manufacturing is done in our new location and in November 2013 we opened up the front of that location with a Retail showroom.  Added bonus…from the retail space you have the opportunity to “peak” back into the manufacturing space and see where the magic happens.  We still only have “limited” Retail hours…open Saturdays 10am-3pm, but that will hopefully change as people discover where we are and business increases.  Come check us out!

Q: Are these your own candles or do you buy someone else’s and put your label on them?
A:  In 1994, when we created our business, we LOVED candles and wanted to find a way to make them so we didn’t have to spend money on those big candle company’s products.  Ever since day 1, these have been our own recipes we created for our candles, this has been our own “brand” and label, and we have always only sold our candles.  We’ve even had stores want to buy our candles without our labels so they can brand them as their own….which we always refuse to do.  It’s our brand, we’re so very proud of it and will always only offer them just this way.  If someone loves our product they will always know it’s an “Adirondack Candle Company” candle.  We hope you enjoy them as well!

Q: Should we clip our wicks?
A: Yes…before every use you should clip to about ¼” in height…and discard the clipping, don’t leave it in the candle.  This will help alleviate most “mushrooming” and discourage any black smoke from a large flame.  However, don’t cut it too short or the candle will not stay lit after a melt pool has started to form.

Q: How long should I let my Jar candle burn?
A: At least one hour for every inch of diameter.  For example, all our Apothecary size jars (Large, Regular and Small) are same diameter… roughly 4” diam… therefore they should burn for a “minimum’ of 4 hours.  This helps a proper melt pool to form which helps “throw” the scent properly and most efficiently and it will also allow proper melting of the wax in the jar.
If you burn it for less time each burn, you may burn a hole down the middle of the jar leaving lots of unused wax on the sides of the jars. If you can’t burn it for that amount of time… use our Mini-Lite (5 oz) or our votives instead.

Q: Does my Votive need to be put in anything or can I burn it as is?
A: Yes, it needs to be in a “votive” glass or cup.  The candle needs to be “supported” when burning, or it will literally melt all over your table or whatever you have it resting on.

Q: Can I use the Hearth Helpers™ or Camp Fires™ fire starters in my gas stove?
A: NEVER, NEVER, NEVER…(did we mention NEVER?), use the fire starters in anything except a wood burning type fireplace or outdoor campfire pit.  A gas stove does NOT need anything like this to make it work or get it started.  Wood campfires however need a way to get the fire started, which is the ONLY place you can use these wonderful little products.

Q: Is it safe to leave any of my candles burning when I’m not around?
A:  No… No… No… please do not ever leave any burning candle unattended!!  Please, use common sense when burning any candles as they can cause fires and also loss of property or life.  When used properly, our candles are safe to use and enjoy… again, please use common sense.

Q: Should I put my jar candle “on” anything when I’m burning it?
A: First, ALWAYS have your candle in a “safe” spot when burning.  NEVER near anything combustible, including curtains or drapes.  Also, Yes, you should put your jar candle on something like a plate or trivet or something that will help absorb the heat on the bottom of the jar, especially when the candle gets closer to the bottom of the jar.  We once had a customer forget the jar was burning on the TV, left it, and came back to find the jar had melted the TV top.  Candles are SAFE when used correctly…please use Common Sense!

Q: Do you love the job of making the candles?
A: Oh my gosh YES!!!  We at the Adirondack Candle Company™ love making these “scents from the Adirondacks” for ALL our loyal Adirondack Candle Company friends.  You know the old saying, “if you love what you do you will never work a day in your life!”…yup, that’s us!

Q: How did you start your business and how long have you been in business?
A: We started in our kitchen (literally) in 1994.  It took about 8-9 months of testing (yup…we threw away a lot of “mistakes”) to get a candle product (from scratch) that we were very happy with.  From there we took it to the owners we knew of 4 local stores who took our product to the public. Then we moved it into our Basement (Food in kitchen started tasting like candles) and grew even further with the additional space.   From there it was growth from family, friends, house parties, more stores….for the next 18 years.  Then in March 2013 we took the plunge and finally moved it out of our basement of our home into a new “brick and mortar” site nearby our home to take the next exciting (and scary) step.

Do you have another question not listed here that you need an answer to?
Feel free to contact us and we promise we’ll get back to you as soon as we can.  Thanks in advance, we really appreciate your business!