Our Story

Candles…yup, it’s “what we do”!

Adirondack Candle Company™

We work hard to be a Candle Manufacturer/Wholesaler/Retailer who loves to create candles that reflect the life and scents of the days gone by with the Great Camps of the Adirondacks.
The Adirondack Candle Company™  was born in our kitchen (in 1994) for our own use, but quickly grew to include Family and Friends and has been rapidly spreading across the Adirondacks… and beyond.

Imagine the old Adirondacks, like the historic picture below….how cool and rustic a Time that was.

With our Adirondack Candle Company™ candles, we hope to invoke that atmosphere for you, taking you back in time.  While we move forward on this journey, (one candle at a time) we’re also very aware that it’s only candles being made.  We strive each day to enjoy the moment, have fun, and try not to take life so seriously that we can’t enjoy the sunset through the pines and across the lake at the end of a great day. 

That’s life in the Adirondacks and at the Adirondack Candle Company™.

Our Journey began in our kitchen way back in 1994.  Our twins were only 3 years old, money was tight and we loved candles but didn’t want to spend the money on those “big name” expensive candles.  So, we thought “how hard can it be to make a candle?”.  Well, it’s not rocket science, but it IS indeed a science to get a good product from start to finish.  But we persevered and about 6-8 months later we had a product.  We soon started selling them to our friends and family, and then some local stores.  By now we had to move it to our basement because our food was starting to taste like candles…that’s what happens when you start a candle business in your kitchen!  To the basement it went, and it grew and grew till we were using literally every inch of space in our house that we could.

Our operation finally expanded out of our original location, our house.  In March 2013…we moved to a new location that will allow us the opportunity to spread our wings and grow to levels we’ve always dreamed of.  It’s a scary step, but with YOUR help we know we can make it happen.
Give us a call, or send us an email…we’d love to hear from you.  We hope you have a great day, we know we will.  Remember, there’s always an Adirondack Chair waiting for you at the Lake.

Discover the Adirondacks yourself…one candle at a time!

Your “Adirondack Guides”
Lane and Cathy Pelletier