Adirondack Candle Company

WELCOME to the Adirondack Candle Company

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Dear friends,Just recently, we were surprised with the news that we have lost our lease and have to be out of our space in just a few short months. After a thoughtful, prayerful, review (and honestly a few tears) of all the various possibilities we could pursue, we have made the difficult decision that after 30 years…we are closing the Adirondack Candle Company.Our small business was first started in our kitchen way back in 1993/1994 as a way to make our own candles. Then, we had a dream…and we found 4 local stores that were interested in buying our handmade candles. Things took off from there, and a “brand” was born that would grow little by little over the next 3 decades, touching many people’s lives in a positive fragrant way.Even though we put a lot of hard work into the company to build it, maintain it, grow it, and market it…we are fully aware and appreciative that it would not have grown without YOU our so-very valued customers and friends. We THANK YOU so very much!We will also be shutting down our online retail ordering on our webpage. Since you won’t be able to place an order online, you can give us a call at 518-399-8831 and talk to Cathy if you still wanted something.We truly can’t thank you nearly enough, each and every one of you, for allowing us to offer you our products for 30 years…WOW, 30 years!  Hard to believe.It’s been one Hell of a ride…we are blessed because of you, Thank You!

(We will continue to be open Saturdays 10 am-3 pm until further notice)Lane & Cathy Pelletier,