Adirondack Candle Company

WELCOME to the Adirondack Candle Company

(Story below the picture)

Dear friends,At the end of December we were surprised with the news that we had lost our lease and had to be out of our space in just a few short months. Once announced, the flourish happened as people rushed to our doors and jammed our phone lines to place that one last order.  After working the Open Saturday store hours yesterday, March 25, 2023, it became apparent that fewer people were now coming in, less  product was now available…and so….the heartbreaking decision we knew was coming has arrived.
We are now officially CLOSED after 30 seasons.   1994-2023Our small business was first started in our kitchen way back in 1993/1994 as a way to make our own candles. Then, we had a dream…and we found 4 local stores that were interested in buying our handmade candles. Things took off from there, and a “brand” was born that would grow little by little over the next 3 decades, touching many people’s lives in a positive fragrant way.We truly can’t thank you nearly enough, each and every one of you, for allowing us to offer you our products for 30 years…WOW, 30 years!  Hard to believe.It’s been one Hell of a ride…we are blessed because of you, Thank You!
Lane & Cathy Pelletier,