Full List of Scents

46er (dark green)
Our Chrismoose Balsam with comforting spices and a hint of smokiness
Adirondack Lodge (light red/burgundy)
a scent comparable to Yankee Candle’s “Home Sweet Home”
Adirondack Pine (dark green)
traditional pine scent, like walking through the forest of pines
Adirondack Trail (brownish gold)
the scent of “Acorns”, some sweetness
Autumn  Apples (red)
The fresh smell of apples, simple but classic
Banana Nut Bread (light brown)
as if you just pulled a warm Banana Nut Bread from the oven
Berry Balsam (green with a splash of red)
mixture of Balsam and Deep Woods Berries
Black Bear’s Pie (black)
sweetness of blackberries
Calm Waters (white)
a mix of Oakmoss, Amber, Orange, Grapefruit and Sage
Campfire Smores
(light brown)
the aroma of graham crackers and chocolate…mmm
Camp Kitchen (light brown)
maple cinnamon mix
Caramel Crunch Cheesecake (light brown)
sweet smell of rich caramel
Chocolate Moose (dark brown)
richly chocolate…need we say more?
ChrisMoose Balsam (dark green)
as if you’re in a forest of Balsam trees, our BEST seller!
Christmas Tree (light green)
yes, you would think there’s a fresh cut Xmas tree in your room
Cider Donuts (very light tan)
mixture of Mulled Apple Cider and Cinnamon
Cinnamon Sticks (brown)
just like some real Cinnamon sticks
Country Store (dark brown)
aroma of Pine and Cinnamon
Cozy Cabin (dark green)
Adirondack Pine with a mix of Cinnamon and Clove
Cranberry Lake (Light burgundy)
wonderful aroma of cranberries and spices
Crisp Autumn (orange-ish)
Apples and Pumpkins, everything you want in the Fall
Daks Happy Hour
an explosion of tropical fruits like in an Adirondack summer Drink
Deep Woods Berries (dark red)
enjoyable, deep fruity spice mix
Fireside Cocoa (light brown)
rich aroma of Hot Chocolate
Flannel Shirt (brown)
Sandalwood with splash of rich vanilla
French Vanilla (off white)
the classic favorite, rich comforting vanilla
Gingerbread (dark brown)
imagine your Mom making Gingerbread cookies…yum
Grandma’s Spice Cake (golden brown)
an all time favorite, a warm fresh baked spice cake scent
Grassy Meadows (beautiful “grassy” green)
it’s the fresh cut grass smell
Great Camp Apple Pie (dark red)
a mixture of fresh apples and cinnamon
Harvest (orange/brown)
an Autumn mix of Pumpkin, Cinnamon, Vanilla and Clove
Hearthside Embers (light grey)
the smell of a smokey campfire
Holiday Memories (green)
our Chrismoose Balsam with a splash of cranberries
Homebaked Cookies (light tan)
cinnamon and vanilla…cookies made from scratch
LakeBreeze (light green)
beautifully freshly scented…airy and breezy
Lavender Fields
Yup…it’s BACK.  A wonderful Lavender scent
Lilac Trails
like a spring day with lilacs blooming
Lodge Linens (off white)
did someone just hang fresh linens on the line?
Maple Sugar Shack (goldish brown)
rich and creamy like fresh syrup from the backwoods
Mountain Snow (white)
pure outdoor woods of Pine and Balsam and Sandalwood
Mulberry (burgundy)
a vivacious fruity and berry blend
Mulled Apple Cider (golden)
a warm and cozy smell of apples and cinnamon
Northwoods Spruce (green)
a fresh cut spruce tree, the sweetest of trees
Peaceful Porch (yellow)
mistletoe & fig….get lost in memories
Pines of Saratoga (dark green)
the clean smell of the Pine trees in Saratoga
Pumpkin Spice (orange-ish brown)
pumpkin with a hint of clove
Rustic Sunflower (orange yellow)
burst of fresh and clean
Sage & Citrus (light greenish brown)
mixture of different spices and citrus tones
Smokehouse (light brown)
Maple Smoked Bacon…yum!
Spiced Clove (brown)
spices and cloves…a top seller since being introduced.
Sunset  (yellow orange)
a fresh scent that will calm you at the “sunset” of your day
The Blue Line (bright blue)
smell of sweet spruce with a clean finish
Trail Treats (golden tan)
sweet energy boost
Walk in the Woods (brown)
minty, fresh and soothing
Warm Pumpkin Pie (brown)
“fresh out of the oven” smell of pumpkin pie
White Birch (slightly off white)
fresh…like a clear crisp day in the ADK park
Wine by the Lake (purple)
like a glass of wine by the mountain lake
Woodland (brown)