….with only 26 days left till this years Open House.

So, with only 26 days left till the busiest week of our Candle year, and while still nursing a broken ankle….I made it back into the “Candle Factory” to be of whatever help a temorary cripple can be!  Actually, as long as I stayed in this one spot I was actually pretty productive and was able to contribute once again to the business, which felt really good again.

It’s really tough to be down during this time of year but we’ve managed to figure out some different ways to do things and ultimately still get them done.  It’s still going to be a great Open House this year and we’re so very much looking forward to seeing so many dear friends that converge on our house during this time.  We’re so thankful and so blessed.

If you’re reading this we hope you can make it to the Open House.  Go to www.facebook.com/adirondackcandle and check under “events” to see the details of when and where it is.  We only ask one thing…well 2 things, first we encourage you to bring a friend who also brings a friend, etc…well you get the picture, and second….be ready to have fun!

Thanks so much for following the blog and thanks for supporting the Adirondack Candle Company and our products, we greatly appreciate it!

Have yourself a Great Adirondack Day!
your Adirondack Candle Guy

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