The process of creating new scents

Well….it may seem “Magical” that new scents just “appear” and become one of the many we already have….but I can assure you that much work goes into the process.

We’re back in the testing mode in an effort to come up with new scents.  If you aren’t trying new things then you are just going with the flow.  We want to always be adapting, growing, challenging ourselves to become bigger and better than we are.  There are a couple of ways to come up with something new in the candle fragrance arena: 1) Take a couple of scents we already have and mix them together for a new scent. (we’ve done that before)  2) Get some entirely NEW scent samples from our scent companies and test them out. 

Years ago when we were just starting, we found this to be a very easy process.  We’d ask for some samples from the Scent company and they’d send us 5 or 6 to try.  Most times we found most of them to be successful.  By that I mean that the scent smelled great in the bottle (first test…gotta like it there before you go any further, right?), then we’d make a small batch and “test” them when we burned them.  Did they give off the same smell we liked from the bottle?  Did they “throw” the scent throughout the room?  Some scents smell great but don’t “throw” the scent…that’s a Dud because if you our loyal customers can’t smell them then they are not ultimately successful!  Early on, we would test 6 scents and have 6 success’s…it seemed very easy.  Now adays it seems that if we get 6 scents to test, you MIGHT get one that is successful!  Not sure why that is…maybe something different with the Fragrance companies and how they formulate samples…whatever the reason it’s just not as easy as it used to be to come up with the next great scent.  Sometimes we really like the scent but it’s just not strong enough so we have the fragrance company “reformulate” it again, but stronger…..then go thru the testing process again.  Sometimes this can happen multiple times before/if we get it the way we really want it.  It’s really a time consuming issue and not something to just make happen in a day or two.  The whole process from start to finish can be weeks, sometimes months,  in the making, then ordering the scent, getting delivery, making production…and offering to you.  That all can take Months….and that’s if we were successful all along the path.

So, here we are again….looking to try and find at least one or two new scents we can offer to our loyal Candle family fans.

Keep your fingers crossed….and as always, give us your comments about what YOU would like to see us offer.  We’ve added some scents in the past that came about because of a “fan suggestion”…so, you never know.

Your Adirondack Candle Guy~

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