Friends….all of us have them, some have many and many have few but to each of us a friend is a very important part of our life.  So it is with us at the Adirondack Candle Company, and we’re never more reminded of this then at our Annual Open House which just concluded for yet another 16th year (wow…hard to believe).  It’s always exciting to see new faces come through our door, for each new face is an opportunity to make another new friend…and you can never have enough of those.  Yet what we find so appealing and rewarding each year is sitting in our usual spot, the comfy country couches in our living room, and hearing that door swing open….and then the suspense of “who is it that’s going to walk through that door?”. 

This year for some strange reason we were surprised to see a number of people that for one reason or another had not made it to the Open House in a number of years.  Maybe it was that little hand written note on the invitation, encouraging them to come see us, maybe their lives allowed them the window of opportunity to have a break in their busy schedules to come back and see us….no matter the reason, when they came into view and walked into our lives yet again, it was such a thrill to see them, hug them, and sit for a moment and share a laugh and catch up on things again.  It happened quite a bit this year….maybe it’s God way of bringing people back into our lives.  Whatever the reason, it was very cool to reconnect.

We hope you have those opportunities where in your own way your “door opens” and you find that long lost friend you haven’t seen in a while come back into your life, even if it’s just briefly.  For you see, many times you pick right up where you left off and walk away wondering why you didn’t stay in touch to begin with.

So my friends…keep your front door unlocked….metaphorically speaking.  Keep your heart open to reconnecting and you too will be surprised at those that come back into your lives.  Embrace them and cherish them….I know we do.  It’s so great to see old friends, old dear friends.

Have a Great Adirondack Day!
your Adirondack Candle Guy~

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