exciting times

Hello All,
So, here we are in early November…let’s take a look at what’s happened recently.  Broke my ankle in Mid September and now almost completely healed and working my way back to “normal”.  Still sore, but I will be back running before they said I would in 6 months..that’s my goal.  Be smart, but work hard to get back in shape!
The 16th Annual Open House was another success.  So much work goes into this, and this year it was even more work for my wife Cathy as more of the burden fell upon her due to my broken ankle issue.  She’s such a wonderful person, I’m so blessed the Lord found her for me 25 years ago…what a blessing!

Business is booming…we’re really at the “tipping point”.  That’s a point where when you look back on something you realize that that was the time when things really started to snowball.  That’s where we’re at.  More and more stores are coming knocking on our door asking to carry our Adirondack Candle Company candles, what a very cool thing.  We’re in talks with another store that has 8 locations….wow!!  Also, another business wants us to connect with them that in and of itself could be a HUGE opportunity!!  It’s soooo very exciting.
Also…the ‘Daks a gret Life! wing of the business is in its infancy with some really exciting potential.  That’s “Mac” our Moose who has a positive outlook on life (www.facebook.com/daksagreatlife), so we’ll see where that takes us also.
So, until we talk again, may you be blessed and we wish you a Great Adirondack Day!
your Adirondack Candle Guy~

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