2014 Summer Hours

Summer for us is typically a very slow time of year.  Well, actually it’s a very busy time of year for our Wholesale side of the business as we cater to our many, many stores that offer our quality candles to their customers, but for us here in our little neck of the woods, it’s a slow time of year for “walk in traffic”.

You see, we’re not situated on the shores of a cool Adirondack Lake where thousands upon thousands of people walk by our store as they vacation someplace in the beautiful Adirondack Park.  Nope, we just don’t get that “draw” of people past our little shop…rather, they seem to all be in those locations where we offer our candles to other stores.

So, starting Memorial Weekend and going all the way through the summer months, we will be “Open By Appointment” only (call 518-399-8831).  Please know however that we WILL be more than happy to have you stop by and get any/all of our great candles anytime you’d like…we just ask that you call us first (518-399-8831) and set up an appointment that works for both you and us, and then we will be happy to accommodate your needs.

Summer is a time that we ALL want to enjoy ourselves doing all those fun things we all do in the summer.  It’s a time for all of us to “regroup” and recharge our batteries.  We’re no different, and rather than sit in a shop waiting and hoping for someone to come through the door, well, we just figured this would work best for all of us and allow YOU to enjoy your summer months and for US to enjoy ours too, all while making  sure you get your candles anytime you want – just by appointment during those summer months.

Don’t misunderstand…we will continue to be working making our products and planning for those Very Busy Fall Months that will be here before you know it.

So…Memorial Weekend through End of August…we will be “Open By Appointment Only”.
We hope you understand and we look forward to serving you the moment you call us at 518-399-8831 for any and all needs you may have.

Options during the Summer:
Call for appointment at Store – 518-399-8831
Order OnLine on our website at www.AdirondackCandle.com and have your order shipped to you or ready for your pick up.

Thanks for your understanding…enjoy your summer, be safe, make some great memories with your Families!

Lane & Cathy,
your Adirondack Guides

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