2014 Open House

Here we are, October, the air is getting cooler, the leaves are turning, the sun is setting sooner each and every day…and we are hard at work planning and preparing for our upcoming 20th Annual Open House, our 2nd one in our World Headquarters that we moved into last year.  It’s always an exciting time of year for us as we come out of our slower summer months and move into the busiest time of year.  As soon as the Autumn chill is in the air, that’s when the Adirondack Candle Company comes to life each year like a butterfly exiting its cocoon.

While we remain busy during our slow retail months (summer time) with our Wholesale business (the stores in tourist locations that offer our candles), the Fall season is a very busy time for us with our Retail end of our business.

Our store looks nice and busy!

Our store looks nice and busy!

Our Annual Open house is always a very fun time of year for us, even though it’s a great deal of work to prepare for it.  As many of you fondly remember, this was hosted in our Colonial home for 18 years until we moved the business out of our home in 2013.  For those 18 years we would have to spend the month of October preparing our house into a full first floor general store, complete with ALL our candles and many other gifts and accessories…oh and of course those famous FREE Open House cookies that Cathy would always work so hard on.

We are thrilled that we no longer have to spend so much time disrupting our home life to set up for the Open House, but miss having so many friends come back year after year to visit us in our home on their annual pilgrimage.

We are often told that this Annual Open House, visited by many people in groups (and yes, we encourage groups!!), is the “Start of the shopping season” for many of you and it’s looked forward to each and every year.  As much as you all get to see friends you haven’t seen in awhile when you stop by – we too get to see so many returning friends as the “migration” happens each November.  We’ve watched kids come back as young married people, often with their own kids, to the place they remember coming to as a child. How cool is that??

This year as we continue to “tweak” our new location, you will be welcomed into a more “Adirondack” atmosphere with our new check out counter and some other new Adirondack styled displays.  IMG_3618

We also are very excited to have (for Sale) some photographs from our good friend and photographer Dave Crudele, who has a special eye for some of those “Adirondack” landscape shots we all love so much.  They certainly add to our Adirondack theme, but if you see something you would enjoy in your home, you can buy it and have it in your house that same day.

We WILL absolutely have those wonderful Open House cookies for your enjoyment while you shop, that’s always a mandatory must have for you, our most valued and treasured customers!

We can’t wait to see all of you again. We look forward to this time of year so very much and hope that you all do too.  We want to challenge you this year and ask you to bring some new friends that might have never heard of us.  Spread the word…spread the love.

Finally, THANK YOU ALL for all that you have given us through the years.  We could never have done it without you, we could never have grown to who we are today without you, we would never have been able to move out of our home if not for you!  You are our family and friends, each and everyone of you.  You are appreciated and loved, please know that.

Here’s the dates:  Nov 6th & 7th, 11am-8pm.  Nov 8th, 10am-3pm.  And of course beyond that we are open each and every Saturday from 10am-3pm.

Lane & Cathy, your Adirondack Guides



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