Open House planning

The warm summer nights have turned to that much anticipated “cool night” weather we love to move into in Upstate NY.  The leaves are starting to turn, the nights are cooler, the garden is giving up its last of its products….and the phone has already started to ring off the hook with orders for candles.  We just love this time of year!  Unfortunately the only down side is we can’t really enjoy the season like most people do because we’re so busy working long hours trying to make candles, and more candles, and more candles.  On top of the normal business we are (as always this time of year) in the throws of getting ready for our Annual Open House the first week of November. 

It’s such a cool event…it’s become a tradition for all those loyal customers we called “Adirondack friends” that come every year, many times bringing somebody new that’s never experienced it before.  It will be our 15th Annual Open House…we started our business in 1994 and then in 1995 held our first one.  For those are are used to the Open House every year they would not believe how far we’ve come since our first one…boy was that one small!!  Ha ha…well, that’s what growth will do for you.

Every year we turn our whole first level of our home into one big “Adirondack Candle Company Store”…literally every room that we normally live in gets turned into our store filled in each room with candles, gifts, accessories..oh, and did we mention candles!  Even the kitchen has candles, with home made cookies made from scratch that matches many of the scents on display in the kitchen.  Many people return yer after year just for the cookies…it’s a big hit!

But it take a great deal of long range planning to pull it off and we are right smack in the middle even now of getting prepared to pull off another successful Open House.  We can’t wait to see many old friends that come every year…it’s so cool!
Until the next time…have a Great Adirondack Day-
Your Adirondack Candle Guy

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