Setting up my blog

Okay…learning something new is never easy, many mistakes happen.  But if you never try, then you never give yourself the opportunity to succeed!  I’m an’ll learn that over time on our journey with my blog.  Maybe that’s the “sales” side of me…you see, the candle business we created is actually my second job.  I’ve always been in sales and I love the challenge of that type of work.  Sales has also helped me to be a better business Entrepreneur as we grow our business.  Creating our business (back in 1994…wow, that’s along time ago!) has really been a great learning experience.  We did it all on our own, made some mistakes along the way, but have had so many success’s too.  We keep challenging ourselves each year to grow a little bit more.  Are we growing as fast as I’d like to?  No, but we’re growing at our pace.  So….continue to challenge yourself in whatever it is you want to do….shoot for the moon, if you fall short you still land in the stars. 

From where I sit, looking at what we’ve created and the beautiful family and life we’ve built along the way….well…”now ‘Dack’s a great life!”   ‘Dack’s” is a slang for Adirondack’s, and a great life is what we again, “Dack’s a great life”.   One more thing…check out our company at, or become a fan at  Thanks, Have a Great Adirondack Day!

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