sidelined…stupid mistake

So, they say you become smarter with age.  Some would say that’s true.  I’m a pretty smart guy but apparently I didn’t listen to that “inner voice” that was saying “don’t do that”.  In an effort to move a heavy object down some stairs, I almost made it to the bottom…one step away, when my right foot caught and then the object came down on me and my leg causing my right leg to collapse underneath me and ultimately breaking my right ankle.  Hmmm….should have listened to that inner voice.  So, after surgery tomorrow to repair the damage to my ankle, and my ego, and a cast for the next 6 weeks…I should be on my way back to a full and active life.  In the meantime and at the busiest time of the year, we will have to learn to adapt to what is thrown at us.  It’s funny how “accidents” make you appreciate how good you have things when life is going day to day normally and you just don’t have time to think of the “what if’s?”. 

So…good health to all of you out there and hey…have a “Great Adirondack Day”.
Your Adirondacy Candle Guy

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