Out with the Old…in with the New!

Out with the Old…in with the New!

So 2010 is fast coming to a close and 2011 is coming equally as fast right around the corner. While the old year was overall a pretty good year, we’re VERY excited in regards to how the start of the year is already shaping up.  A personal friend of ours who is the owner of an Office Supply company has approached us about partnering with them to offer all their customers an opportunity to purchase our Adirondack Candles for their offices/work place.  This is a market that we are not currently in, but which the major candle companies are in, in other areas.  We are very excited about this new marketing niche and the potential expansion of Adirondack Candle Company candles into a bigger segment of the market.

I know the owner of this company personally…he’s a long time personal friend who shares my Optimistic view of the world and business, has a very sharp business mind, has a great family who we’re personal friends with, and who has a love for family and friends that I share and also admire.  We’re not only thrilled for this opportunity, but more importantly to do it with such a fine individual and company.  We’re honored that he thought of us and thought enough of our company to want our candles to be a part of his offering to his customers.

That’s exciting….what’s more exciting is to see what else the New Year will bring us.  My belief is that if you are in a contant state of mind and being to accept and recieve good things, good things WILL happen to you.  Some people believe good things happen to people because they are lucky…I’m of the belief that if you work hard enough, have great ethics, surround yourself with good people and positive energy….good things will come to you because you prepared yourself to allow it to happen.  That’s not luck, it’s preperation and “stick-toitiviness”!

So, Happy New Year to all of you.  We wish you a very Happy, and Safe New Year filled with many happy days.  Eat right, exercise as much as you can, tell those around you how much you love them….oh, and keep enjoying our Adirondack Candle Company candles.  We love making them for you…it’s truly an honor!

Please share us with a friend, we’d sure appreciate it.

Have a Great Adirondack Day!
~your Adirondack Candle guy

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