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Hello Candle friends,

I write this knowing that you will NOT be able to see this when I post it.  You see, I’m redesigning our website and at the moment this blog is “off-line” and unavailable for you to see, but I thought I’d put my thoughts to paper anyway so you can always look back and read it later to catch up.

A number of years ago we had someone do our first website for us, and we were thrilled with what he did.  It really came out nice and put us into “the real world” and able to compete and look like the bigger companies out there.  But this was a “side career” for this guy and we soon found out that he was no longer going to continue as our web guy.  So…we moved on, as we really needed the ability to have someone take care of our web needs.  You see, when we add a new scent, or a new product, or we need to change a price, or – well…whatever, then we need a web person to do that for us.  As stated, we moved on and found another guy who stepped it up for us with his rendition of what we were looking for in a website.  He added the ability for our customers to “order on line”, and even though we didn’t take credit cards you were able to place an order and we then could complete the transaction from our end.  Our business grew by adding this process to our offering and so we were very happy.  Then, well you guessed it…that guy also decided to “retire from web design” work but this time it was very quick which left us kind of blowing in the wind.  We found someone more local who could take care of something if we needed it done…but we really started thinking that there must be a better way out there to have what we need and also be able to make any/all changes we ever needed to, when we needed them….and not have to keep paying somebody to do it….or hoping that they would be there and in business tomorrow.  Our goal was to have something that WE had total control over, something that we could make changes on at 1 am in our PJ’s if we needed to, something that would allow us the freedom to create and change as we saw fit or so desired.

Well, think about it, the only way that was gonna be possible was to actually become our own web designers!!!  So…that’s what we’ve become!

We are very much “DIY” kind of people.  Why  pay somebody your hard earned money IF there’s a way to learn how to do it yourself?  It doesn’t always work to your advantage, and sometimes it’s just plain smarter to pay someone to do what they’re good at so that you can continue to do what you’re good at.  I know, it makes sense….but….something inside us kept telling us it really wouldn’t be that hard to do…so, we sat down and figured out how to do it.  It hasn’t been easy, we’re not brilliant at it (YET!!!), but we’ve done pretty good with it and think we’re going to be able to offer you a great new website that we’re proud of and that you’re gonna love!  Did we ever think we’d become knowledgeable about “writing code” for a website??  Heck no, but it’s not really all that hard once you start to play with it and work with it.

In the end, we will now NOT need to depend on someone else to add a picture, change a price, add a scent, create a new page with something new on it, etc.  We will now be able to create a new page at a moments notice to be able to share new product with you.  We will be able to now include our Adirondack Candle Company “Blog” on our website so that you can follow the stories we share about who we are, how we do what we do, how we got to where we are…or maybe even some pictures of you at our Open House…how cool is that?!!  And, the biggest thing is that we WILL NOW be able to have a shopping cart on our website that WILL be able to take credit cards!!!  That’s a HUGE step for us and we’re so excited to be able to bring that to all of you.

We hope you like the new site.  There will be spots to place a comment or also contact info so that you can email us and let us know what you think.  We’re doing it FOR YOU, so we truly hope you WILL comment and let us know how we’re doing.  So, for now….gotta get back to putting the finishing touches our this new baby, our new baby…the one WE created from scratch.  It’s such a fulfilling feeling knowing yet again you CAN do whatever you set your mind to, even if it means learning something new.

~Your Adirondack Candle guy

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