Yup…that’s right…Recipes!

Each and every year as we entertain hundreds of folks at our Annual Open House the first week of November, Cathy works tirelessly for weeks on end creating the incredible treats that so many people look forward to as they enter our humble abode.  In the kitchen area of our open house, spread amongst many “Kitchen Scents” that are on display, we put out a bunch of delightful cookies that tend to match the candle scents we have for sale.  Best part is….these treats are ALWAYS FREE to any/all customers/friends that attend the annual event.  It’s really become a much loved part of the Open House, enjoyed by all ages from 2 to 90 years old.

We’re often asked for the recipes for these delights and thought this might be a great place to offer that service, along with maybe some pictures of the snacks.  So…enjoy!