Adirondack Warmers ™


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Adirondack Warmers (TM)

Designed in a Traditional Adirondack Blanket style, these Adirondack Warmers (TM) will surely keep you warm on one of those cold nights in your home, your cabin or at your Great Camp.  Pop one of these into a Microwave for 1-3 minutes (depending on size of Warmer) and then enjoy the heat on your body and the smell of popped corn.

Unlimited number of times you can re-heat them. Get a couple for yourself and then give some as gifts to your friends and family…they will just love you for it, trust us!
Available in 3 unique and useable sizes:   1) Neck Warmer.  Great to put around your neck and gently sooth you into relaxation after a hard day. 2) Large Warmer.  Perfect for setting anyplace on your body to take the aches away.  3) Small Warmer.  Perfect to put into your pocket on a cold day to keep your hands warm.

Another great use for these, especially the Large Warmer….heat it up just before you head to bed, then put it at your feet….yeah, it’s gonna keep you warm as you doze off on those really cold nights.  Great idea, right?  We thought so, you’re welcome!