Adirondack Candle Company World Headquarters

Welcome to our NEW location…..
12 Main St. Ballston Lake, NY 12019

Yup…fresh in the start of 2013 (well, March 2013)….we moved our company out of our Home where it’s been as a “Homephoto17 based business” since 1994 when it was created right in our kitchen.  The Adirondack Candle Company™ has set up shop in a new location (still nearby to us) that will allow us to become a bigger, better candle company to our customers, community, and beyond!

We don’t yet have ALL the answers as to how best to do this…yeah, this is a new and scary step for us, but with the support of so many friends, family and loyal candle customers who really believe in us and our company…well, how can we go wrong?!!
Our Production space is bigger and better than it was in our basement of our house for 19 years, thereby giving us the ability to manufacture more product quicker and more efficiently.
Then, we also opened up the Retail front of the location (pictured above) in November 2013, doing so for our annual Open House event.
We are currently open 10am-3pm on Saturdays only.  Yup…just one day a week, but that will allow us to figure out the retail end of things and we can make decisions on more hours from there based on customer driven needs.
BUT…even though we have limited hours on Saturdays only, we are open by appointment at other times, please just contact us (Ph: 518-399-8831) to set up a convenient time for both you and us.

So as we look towards 2014 and whatever that may offer (we are driven people with lots of ideas!), we’re excited to look back on 2013 and feel comforted that we kept the Adirondack Candle Company alive and well and moved it to the next step in our long journey so far.
From an idea and creation in our Kitchen in 1994, to a successful Home Based business for 19 years….to a “brick and mortar” next step in 2013.
Stay tuned…..buckle up….we’re JUST GETTING STARTED!!!

Lane & Cathy Pelletier, your Adirondack Guides!