New Flat Top Lids (Fall 2014)

A New Hat for our candles-

Fall of 2014 brings some new subtle changes to our line of candles with the introduction of the “Flat Top Lid” to ALL our jars.

We have found, through multiple sources we buy our jars from, that the “Domed” lid that has always been on our Adirondack Candle Company™ candles from our beginning has now gone away.  It appears that “the candle industry” is moving New flat top lids 1 towards this new “Flat Top Lid” and is discontinuing the opportunity to purchase the older Domed lid you all have become accustomed to from us.  Change is never easy for most people, ourselves included, but with the inability to get the Domed Lids – we have had to switch to this new Flat Lid design.

In the end…does it really matter what “tops” our handmade quality candles?  We’re all getting older and as we age our “tops” are all changing, so it’s just something we are going to have to live with since we can’t change it anyway.

“It is what it is” people.  Inside, under this new different top, lies the same aromatic beautiful candle you have come to know from us, so embrace the change and let’s just move forward together.

Note:  You may find parts of your order still coming through with some of the Domed lids as we work through our inventory.  Thanks for your patience!

Lane & Cathy, your Adirondack Guides.