4 New Scents-March 2014

New kids on the Block ….4 NEW scents to kick off 2014

March 2014 we got the new year started with the introduction of 4 brand NEW scents to the Adirondack Candle Company ™ collection of offerings.New scents

Pictured to the right they are (from left to right):  Grassy Meadows, Adirondack Trail, Harvest and last but certainly not least, Pines of Saratoga.

Grassy  Meadows:
Do you like that well known scent called “Fresh Cut Grass”?  Yup, that’s what this is, we just thought we’d call it something more in the spirit of a walk through the Grassy Meadows of the Great Adirondacks.

Adirondack Trail:
This is an “Acorn” type scent, a really fresh outdoorsy kind of scent.  Makes you think of being on the “Adirondack Trail” of a great hike.

This is a mixture of 4 great scents  we already offer, but combined…well…it’s simply a scent that will remind you of so many things you love about the Fall Autumn season in the Adirondacks.  It’s a mixture of Warm Pumpkin Pie, French Vanilla, Cinnamon Sticks, and Spiced Clove.  Sounds great, right?

Pines of Saratoga:
Another Pine scent, but one that will make you think you’re walking under the “Avenue of the Pines” in the Foothills of the Adirondacks in Saratoga Springs.  A wonderful scent.