‘Daks a great Life!™

Did you know we have a sister company?  Did you know we have a Moose mascot?


‘Daks a great Life!™ was created/born on 10/10/10, and while it came to us originally as an idea for a Moose Mascot to the Adirondack Candle Company™…we soon realized it really was something very special all on it’s own.

“Mac” the Moose is a fun and cool moose who always has on his shades and hiking boots, ready for any adventure.  You see, we’ve always been a very Positive and Optimistic kind of company and ‘Daks a great Life!really helps us show the world exactly that.

Head over to the ‘Daks a great Life! website or the ‘Daks a great Life! Facebook page and check it out yourself, and if you’re not too busy….let your friends know about us too.

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