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Original Apothecary Jar Style:

pictured left to right: Mini-Lite, Small Apothecary, Large Apothecary, Regular Apothecary

The original Adirondack Candle Company ™ jar style.  Created in our kitchen all the way back in 1994, the only thing that’s changed is the addition of many more scents from our original few we offered, and the label…which was updated a number of years ago so as to proudly proclaim the Adirondack name we’re so proud of.  Available in ALL the scents we offer, and in 4 different sizes, we think we have anything you might want.  We’re equal (many say “better”) to the big names in the market place, and so much more affordable than those big guys out there.  Give us a try…then spread the word to your friends about that little candle company that really makes a great product.

Large Apothecary Jar, 24 oz

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Regular Apothecary Jar, 16 oz

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Mini-Lites, 5 oz

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Adirondack Candle Company Votive’s.  These are the little powerhouse candle that everybody needs to have.  It’s a “15 hour” burn time candle that’s available in ALL our scents and is the perfect size for any room, especially those smaller spaces such as a bathroom, den..maybe even your porch.  But don’t kid yourself, if you use it in a large room you will STILL delight in the aroma it spreads throughout your room.  Our votive’s are sold individually (shown to the right, in a Wholesale box that are displayed in stores) and are not wrapped.  Votive’s must be used in a votive cup/container…if not, it will melt all over your table or counter.


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Moose Chips™

Moose Chips (TM) are "tarts" that have no wick and need to be melted in a tart warmer of some type. Moose Chips (TM) are sold individually and are NOT wrapped. The above pictured box is a Wholesale display box. Please click on the picture to place an order for our Moose Chips (TM)

Moose Chips™ are “wickless” candles, most often called “tarts”, which need to be burned/melted in a tart warmer of any style.  We call them Moose Chips™ because we love Moose and, well, they look like chips…hence the name, which is unique to us at the Adirondack Candle Company™.  Available in ALL scents, place one or two in a tart warmer to scent your room.  Many people have mixed and matched and created their own unique scents…so go ahead, be adventurous.  If you create something wonderful, just let us know and maybe it could be the next new scent offered from us to everyone.
Sold individually, and unwrapped.  Shown to the right in a Wholesale display box offered to stores.

Moose Chips

$0.80 each
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Hearth Helpers (TM) are fire starters that are manufactured from left over scented wax, poured into a paper pill cup. Place one under a dry log or two, light the paper pill cup, then sit back and watch your fire start with no effort. Click on the picture to order some today.

Hearth Helpers (TM) are fire starters that are manufactured from left over scented wax, poured into a paper pill cup. Place one under a dry log or two, light the paper pill cup, then sit back and watch your fire start with no effort.

Hearth Helpers
™ are fire starters which are paper pill cups filled with scented wax.  We take pride in being a “green” company! (yup…nothing goes to waste here).  When we have left over wax from the candles – or make a mistake – we  take that wax, mix it all together, and then fill up paper pill cups to create these Hearth Helpers™.  Place one or two under, or on, a dry log or two in your camp fire, light the paper exterior…then sit back and enjoy your fire.  This little guys sure can get a fire going with out the fuss you’re used to normally.

Hearth Helpers ™ (Packaged 12/pkg)

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Camp Fires™ are also fire starters but they are slightly different…although they serve the very same purpose which is to start your fire very easily.
These are bigger than the Hearth Helpers™, and are either sold individually or in packs of 3.  We make them in an actual “Muffin pan” so they are the size of the bottoms of Muffins, and these have NO paper cup but instead are “topped” with saw dust/wood chips and you light the tops to get them started.

These Camp FCamp Fires (TM)ires™ are still the “Moose Mix” scent, which is a combination of all our scents (we use the scrap from our production to make these) and then while still wet are filled/topped with wood shavings and sawdust.  It really makes a great fire starter.  (You’re welcome!)  Shown individually to the left and in the package of 3 to the right.

Camp Fires ™ (Packaged 3/pkg)

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Camp Fires ™ (sold individually)

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Adirondack Warmers™

Adirondack Warmers are Corn filled Flannel fabric bags that can be heated in the Microwave for 2-3 minutes (depending on your Microwave), and then used for many various reasons.  Maybe you want to hold one just to take the chill out of you on those cold nights.  Or they’re great for being used on sore muscles as they mold to whatever part of your body you put them on.  Heat one up and put it at your feet before you sleep, yup, like the old timers did with a heated water bottle.  Here’s the great added bonus…they smell like fresh popped popcorn!!  The good news is the corn inside will NOT pop, so don’t worry.
They come either in a “Large” size, roughly 9″x11″, and the “neck” size roughly 23″x3″.  Shown below, they come in various colors of fabric, although quantities may be limited and not available when ordering.  If you order a size and it’s NOT available, we will contact you to ask which other color choice you would prefer.

Adirondack Warmer, roughly 23 inches x 3 inches - Neck Warmer.

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Adirondack Warmer, roughly 9 inches x 11 inches - Red Warmer

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